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No more fad diets or quick fixes. We help you transform your body, relationship with food and your lifestyle.’

Why Choose Us?

We are not your typical ‘just grind harder’ coaches.  We apply a compassionate coaching approach to everything we do. This means everything is centred around you, your lifestyle, family, work and social life.

We take the time to understand each client, their struggles and their desires. This is what sets us apart and ensures you get phenomenal results physically and mentally. All without sacrificing the things that you enjoy and are important to you.

“Working with beyond fitness honestly changed my life, they genuinely care about each client & their results””

Phil Martin

Is Coaching Right For You?

We don’t do quick fixes and fad diets but you have tried those already, that’s why you’re here. 

Most of our clients come to us stuck in a binge/restrict cycle, yo-yo dieting, never getting the results they want, their relationship with food is terrible and often they feel like they’ve been dieting their whole life. Sound familiar? If so, check out some of our testimonials below from people who started in exactly your position right now.

Featured Clients

Quality ingredients. Real results.

Jake van’t Hoff